I started this list as a 101 Things in 1001 Days list in 2016. A year later, I've completed a lot but I have decided to keep adding to it! The original list will stay in tact but any updated things will be listed at the bottom! Anything in ITALICS is completed!

Start Date: May 3, 2016

End Date: January 29, 2019

Completed: 33/101

West Point

  1. Celebrate Affirmation with JP (August 2016)
  2. Celebrate 500th Night with JP (February 2016)
  3. Celebrate Ring Weekend with JP (August 2017)
  4. Celebrate Branch/Post Nights with JP (November 2017/February 2018)
  5. Celebrate 100th Night with JP (February 2018)
  6. Celebrate JP’s Graduation/Commissioning (May 2018)
  7.  Watch Army beat Navy in football (December 2016)
  8. Go to a USMA Band summer concert

Misc. Activities/Events

  1. Go to a concert with JP
  2. Take JP to a WVU football game (WVU vs VT in September 2017)
  3. Go wine tasting at local wineries
  4. Buy produce from the farmer’s market regularly (2x/month)
  5. See a Broadway musical with JP (Sleep No More in April 2017)
  6. Try 5 new local restaurants and blog about them
  7. Throw a party for someone special
  8. Host a holiday
  9. Host a brunch
  10. Attend a WVU Alumni event (local or at WVU)
  11. Go to a WVU Homecoming game
  12. Attend a wine and paint night


  1. Write and publish at least one novel or eBook
  2. Write and publish at least one book of essays
  3. Read at least 50 books
  4. Write and publish “The Girlfriend’s Guide to West Point”
  5. Read at least 10 books I already own


  1. Redecorate/organize/clean to create an environment for thriving
  2. Buy a plant or herb garden
  3. Donate/sell all of the stuff I don’t need, doesn’t fit, or don’t use
  4. Update balcony decor
  5. Get at least one bookshelf and organize books
  6. Buy a toaster, toaster oven, or both (don’t ask)


  1. Run a 5k (June 2016)
  2. Run a 10k
  3. Run a half marathon
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Reach and maintain goal weight
  6. Run a sub 9 minute mile and a sub 18 minute 2 mile
  7. Get better at snowboarding
  8. Take a self defense class


  1. Celebrate our 2 year anniversary (April 2017)
  2. Celebrate our 3 year anniversary
  3. Get engaged (November 2016)
  4. Get married (May 2018)
  5. Start a joint bank account with JP
  6. Start a new tradition with JP
  7. Answer “1001 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married” with JP


  1. Go camping in Alaska (and actually enjoy it!)
  2. Go hiking in Alaska
  3. Go to the beach at least once
  4. Go somewhere tropical at least once
  5. Go to Boston
  6. Take a spontaneous road trip
  7. Go to New Orleans
  8. Go snowboarding in Alaska
  9. See the Northern Lights
  10. Walk across the High Line
  11. Visit breweries in Alaska with JP
  12. Take a train ride somewhere new


  1. Pay off and get rid of ALL credit cards
  2. Pay off 15% of my student loans
  3. Open a Roth IRA
  4. Save $10 for every task I complete and put it towards the IRA
  5. Go at least one month without unnecessary shopping


  1. Create a blog that accurately reflects who I am
  2. Design a cohesive brand for my blog and stick with it
  3. Gain 500 subscribers on YouTube
  4. Make $100 off YouTube/Blog
  5. Inspire at least one person to make their own 101 in 1001 list
  6. Inspire at least one person to start their own blog
  7. Get customized/branded business cards for blog and YT
  8. Publish an email course
  9. Have a post published by a major publication
  10. Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter (help out here!)
  11. Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram (help out here!)
  12. Attend a blog conference
  13. Get professional head shots done for the blog
  14. Start a virtual book club with my blog/social media
  15. Create an amazing blog newsletter and be consistent with it
  16. Start/Host my own Twitter chat
  17. Have a self-supported blog (no out-of-pocket costs)


  1. Graduate with my Master’s in Integrated Marketing and Communications
  2. Find a job that I love
  3. Land a job after my internship
  4. Work for or start an event planning business

Recipes to Make

  1. Try 10 new recipes and share them on the blog
  2. Create a recipe book/box
  3. Bake a cake (Check out my 25 Things I Learned and 25 Years here).
  4. Bake zucchini bread


  1. Take a photography class
  2. Say yes to something I normally wouldn’t
  3. Make at least one new friend that’s a West Point girlfriend
  4. Celebrate turning 25 in a big way
  5. Focus more on overcoming my anxiety
  6. Learn how to code
  7. Unsubscribe from all unnecessary emails
  8. Keep a journal for at least a month
  9. Get a second tattoo
  10. Adopt a cat/kitten from the local shelter
  11. Start and finish a coloring book
  12. Be interviewed as an “up-and-coming” Millennial
  13. Buy and keep one planner for an entire year without switching

Are you going to try your own 101 Things in 1001 Days list?

Add your link below so we can encourage each other!

2017 Additions

  1. Daily vlog for 100 days straight
  2. Start my own online clothing boutique
  3. Complete Closet Overhaul
  4. Start an advice podcast